At Conroy Polo, we believe that horses are happiest when they have the freedom to roam as nature intended; for that reason our horses are kept at grass year round and their grazing is supplemented with hay and hard-feed when necessary. Happy horses are more likely to perform well and enjoy their work.

Our facilities include a Monarch 6 horse walker which we use to improve baseline fitness, warm up and cool down the horses after hard lessons or chukkas to ensure that your horses are happy and healthy at all times.

We offer full and part grass livery throughout the summer polo season, and can arrange excellent winter grazing on your behalf at highly competitive prices. Our summer livery package includes daily exercise, schooling, clipping and general care.

Packages can be individually tailored to include transport to games, match grooming, reduced costs on lessons and chukkas, and any other special requirements.

Very competitive pricing, tailored to suit you. For a quote or to discuss livery options contact us.

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