We offer a variety of options for polo lessons depending on your preferences and ability, from seasoned riders or players to total beginners. All lessons are taught by our 2 goal HPA qualified coach, Ryan Conroy.

Bring your friends along for a group lesson or have one-to-one tuition. We also offer specific lessons to focus on improving your riding and horsemanship which gives you a stronger presence on the field and accelerates your progression in polo.

Winter Chukkas & Group Lessons
The winter doesn’t have to stop Polo. We are fortunate to be able to play winter chukkas and group lessons at nearby Woolgars Farm. Learn to play arena polo, or just keep on top of your polo skills through the winter months. Individual riding and hitting cage lessons still available at Burwood Farm.

Hitting Cage Perfect your hitting technique whatever the weather. Built in 2015 the hitting cage at Conroy Polo is ideal for practicing your skills before getting on a horse. Our life-size wooden horse ‘Fred’ is mounted in the centre of the ramped ball pit meaning that wherever you hit the ball, it comes back directly to you ready for your next shot. We use a ball-stop net system inspired by professional cricket to stop your shot and drop the ball onto the ramps, meaning you can hit the ball at any angle and it will find its way back to you in a matter of seconds.

See our pricing page for more information on the cost of lessons and chukkas. To book a lesson contact us or complete a booking form and we will contact you.

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