Our unique chukkas are designed to provide a nurturing environment in which players can put their newly learned skills into practice, experiencing the atmosphere of a game of polo, while still having the support of your coach as in a lesson. There is a pro player heading each team to guide the polo and maintain a flowing game. Our clients are introduced to polo in an environment suited to their level, at the right time to progress their game.

We have three levels of instructional chukkas

Newcomer Chukkas

These chukkas are our introductory level of chukkas, exclusively for those players who are just starting out but have had a couple of polo and riding skills lessons.

Development Chukkas

We take a steady approach, but start to introduce some game skills. These chukkas suit players who want to begin to learn how to pass the ball forward and take a more controlling role in a slower environment. This is also the perfect opportunity for the less experienced player to develop their skills to Farm Chukka level.

Farm chukkas

are faster and focus on bringing on players who are more confident in their game. There is a large focus on tactical awareness and we begin to teach you how to structure your play and work as a team.

Chukkas run throughout the week during the summer. Our chukkas are most effective when played in conjunction with regular lessons and we find the best approach is to maintain a balance of the two.

For details of our pricing contact us or see our pricing page

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