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Life can be stressful; sometimes you just need to get out in the countryside, and let go of it all…

We have the perfect solution! Combine the excitement of the oldest recorded team sport in the world with the ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’ of the Surrey Hills,  and all of this just 35 minutes from central London. The perfect escape!

Learning to play at a big polo club can be intoxicating at first, but large clubs often lack that personal feeling. At Conroy Polo we offer you the best possible introduction to polo, and continue to provide for all of your future polo needs. The unique atmosphere in our school offers a relaxed and intuitive approach to coaching on a variety of suitable ponies. We are fully insured, and licensed by Guildford Council.

The school was created with the idea of providing affordable access to polo, especially at Grassroots level. Closely adhering to Ryan’s ideas of inclusion and sport for all, we take care of all your polo needs without the price-tag of a big club. We offer a unique combination of instructional chukkas and lessons which are tailored to every individual.

We believe that a big draw of polo is the lively social scene; It’s not unusual to find a group of polo players in the local pub after chukkas. We also have regular barbecues after Chukkas throughout the summer for our clients.

“Having previously only played polo at university, I was imagining a polo school would have a scary uninviting environment. I didn’t expect to find a warm and friendly team with lots of banter even in lessons and a great social scene.”

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